Gianfranco Tomassetti
Gianfranco Tomassetti
 Tomassetti stands in front of  El Zapato.

Tomassetti stands in front of El Zapato.

The Artist

Gianfranco Tomassetti, 24 year old Neo Expressionist from Miami creates work meant to convey a deeper meaning than just what is seen with the eyes. 

Through symbolism, metaphors, and research along the lines of mysticism, astrology, and numerology he is able to produce depth in his work which asks the viewer to think a bit deeper of what they are observing. 

Ink, one of the oldest known mediums, informs the viewer of complexity through simplicity because it strips out color theory and you’re left a gradient to work with. “If you can’t explain something simply, you obviously don’t know it that well" , Einstein said that, and in those words I knew that working monochromatically would help me better explain what was in my head. 


-“Black and white has always carried a serious facade, and at the time I needed for people to take me seriously. That’s why I chose that vibration for my work to resonate in. Now...I really don’t know where my mind will be in a couple of years, but for now it’s as clear as black and white.” 
-“I am nothing more than a mere vessel for the creative muse if you will. When admirers call it the work of a genius, I laugh and tell them I'd love to meet him one day. "
-“My fascination with portraits began while I travelled in Europe. I remember going to these castles and palaces all my life, and in almost every room, there was a portrait. It was said that portraits were sort of a high commodity and the wealthy respected, and it was almost mandatory for any person in power to have. I was boggled because even though having the royal families depicted in portraitures reflected status, a sense of hierarchy frozen in time to be remembered hundreds of years later, I never got to know who they were. So my mission with my portraits were to in a sense to express a persons essence in a very unique way.”